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32MW(AC)  Grid  Tied   Solar  Park  Project  at  Dharmapasha , Sunamgonj Build , Own and Operate (BOO) basis Under  BPDB

The  Ministry  of  Power, Energy and Mineral Resources  has  completed  all project formalities  of  first  solar  project  in Bangladesh .

The  project   is  32MW(AC)  Grid  Tied   Solar  Park  which is  situated  at  Dharmapasha , Sunamgonj , and  implementation will be  done by  HKGE consortium  Ltd.

The  power  evacuation  of  32MW(AC)  Grid  Tied   Solar  Park  Project  at  Dharmapasha , Sunamgonj  will be  done  at  Netrokona  132/33 KV Grid  substation .

HKGE  consortium  Ltd.  Will construct and erect  40 KM Grid  transmission line and  develop   6,07,050  Sq. ft  low  land of Haor  area  for  solar  park at   their  own cost  .

The project sponsor  HKGE  consortium  Ltd. Are  Investing  100 million(USD)  USD  as  project  cost  to  develop  of  32MW(AC)  Grid  Tied   Solar  Park  Project  at  Dharmapasha , Sunamgonj:

.HKGE  consortium  is  also   making  plan  to utilize project  land (non-agriculture) in  multipurpose Like  fisheries project and  zinza  firm    as  per  instruction of  Honorable Prime Minister  of the peoples  Republic  of  Bangladesh .

The  peoples  republic of  Bangladesh  and  HKGE  consortium  have   signed   power purchase  agreement   and  Implementation Agreement  in  March 2016 .  The tariff rate  will be  USD 0.17 per  KWh.

The  GOB has  ensured  the  tariff payment  by  Power  Purchase Agreement  and  provide GOB  guarantee  for  176.34 Million (USD) for  electricity  payment  for 20 years contract period.

The  GOB  also  secure  Investment will be made by HKGE  consortium  Ltd.   by Implementation  Agreement   and  provide few  investment  facilities  like  tax Holyday  15 years , duty free and other benefits  to promote Renewable Energy  Generation  to    save  our  environment.